Lentein | Protein rich powder to enrich your shake or yoghurt


Although it’s been on the market for quite a few years now, we want to pay a little attention to a protein-rich powder called Lentein. This product has the characteristics of duckweed (the green water lentils floating in water). Lentein doesn’t only have many health and environmental benefits, in the future it can also play a huge role in the way we eat and produce food. The plant has a ‘fresh, grassy’ taste and is eaten in parts of Asia and ideal for yogurt, juices & shake bars that work with superfoods.


The name Lentein probably does not ring a bell, it’s protein-rich powder made from duckweed. Duckweed, the little green dots that rapidly blanket water, are also known as water lentils. Farmers are more familiar with the food, they use the dried variant as animal food. In parts of Asia, duckweed is already eaten by people.

Duckweed, or Lentein, may also play an important role in the future. Due to the high number of protein in duckweed, it’s a real superfood. There isn’t much water needed to produce and the plant multiplies rapidly. To produce a kilo of meat, 20,000 liters of water is needed, the amount of water for duckweed is much lower. And water is getting more scares so something we should care about. Check out this video from Lentein in which they draw the picture of the use of their product.

Duckweed in the hospitality

As far as we know, the Dutch Ministry of Health hasn’t given permission yet for human consumption of duckweed. So we’ll have to wait for ‘fresh’ duckweed to reach our plates in restaurants. However, Lentein’s protein rich powder might be an idea for the yogurt, juices and shakes bars that work with superfoods.

Website: Lentein superfood 

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