Le Compostier | A worm hotel for restaurants


One of the first worm hotels of Le Compostier was recently placed at Restaurant As in Amsterdam. In the worm hotel, chefs can compost vegetables and fruit at their own location and use the compost directly in their own garden. This way kitchens from restaurants become circular.

Le Compostier | A worm hotel creates a circular kitchen

Le Compostier’s worm hotels are built according to the Lean Startup Method. A method whereby the first prototype is thrown into the world to be tried out and the manufacturer will learn how to improve the product or service based on user feedback. This method also gives insights who will eventually be the user, as the target group may change. And so did the owner of the worm hotels. With each new project, they attempted to facilitate the use of the worm hotel and to optimize composting. For example in later models, the compost could also mature and dry because the compost remained too wet in the first models. If the maturing is already done in the worm hotel, the use is easier for city dwellers. This was achieved by equipping the worm hotel with a drying room (with wood chips). Le Compostier is now a practical, stylish and multi-functional compost furniture through collaboration with, among others, The Green Living Lab and other innovators and startups.

Le Compostier | Crowdfunding

On October 20, owner, Rowin Snijder, started a crowdfund campaign to make the worm hotels for professional kitchens. This after he has perfected the worm hotels in the neighborhood compost projects in Amsterdam. The goal: to place a worm hotel at five locations where chefs from leading restaurants and hotels in the city can experience how the compost furniture helps to make their kitchen circular. In addition to restaurant As in Amsterdam, there is also a worm hotel of Le Compostier at the COCO-MAT restaurant of the hotel Nafsika in Athens. The call from Rowin Snijder: “Help us to preserve the kitchens in the city and save vegetables and fruit waste from the trash bin and support the crowdfund.

Website: Le Compostier

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