Kola House – PepsiCo’s first restaurant opened in New York


  • Interior of Kola House
  • Curcuma Cocktail at Kola House

Last weekend PepsiCo opened the company’s first-ever restaurant, the Kola House, in Manhattan across from the popular and trendy Chelsea Market. Although we only know PepsiCo from their tins and bottles cola and snacks, the restaurant isn’t completely what you would expect. The Kola House serves American shareables with global influences by executive chef Jon Feshan and an innovative cocktail menu by resident flavour chemist Alex Ott. The kola nut is one of the main ingredients of the cuisine and the cocktails.

Kola House

PepsiCo gave the new chef Jon Feshan a free hand in conceptualizing the menu, the only request was to have a core focus on the kola nut. Jon Feshan trained under the French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, so he must have been challenged to create great dishes with the kola nut. The taste of this nut must be in its flavour profile somewhere between chocolate and coffee. According to our source, an article at Fortune, he made a couple of protein-focused dishes with it, including chicken and pork entrees.

At the ‘Kola Bar’ Alex Ott serve cocktails which are also infused with the kola nut. The restaurant isn’t created to make PepsiCo sodas upscale and there are no Pepsi signs in the bar or in the restaurant. The Kola House interior has been designed by Kravitz Design Inc. in partnership with Pepsico Design. Anchored by a copper-pipe Kola bar, the design is a blend of industrial material, like concrete, blackened steel and vintage red brick, juxtaposed against design elements like American walnut walls, herringbone wood floors and hand-knotted silk carpets. The artwork is by the Japanese contempory artist Tomokazu Matsuyama. The price range of the menu isn’t extravagant, appetizers between $9 – $22 and entrees between $22 and $38. Check out their Instagram account for more pictures.

Well for those who are going to New York, this restaurant sounds like a must visit!

Ingredients of the Curcuma cocktail in the picture above: Neutral grain spirit / Pear / Apricot / Turmeric / Lemon / Kola Nut / Honey Dew

Bron: Fortune.com

Website: Kola House

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