KFC introduces ‘Veggie Tenders’ in all Dutch KFC restaurants


  • KFC Veggie burgerKFC Veggie burger
  • KFC Veggie TendersKFC Veggie Tenders
  • KFC Veggie TwisterKFC Veggie Twister
  • KFC Veggie BucketKFC Veggie Bucket

KFC Netherlands introduces a new vegetarian product range: the Original Recipe ‘Veggie Tenders’ – available on a burger, in a bucket, as a snack, in a boxed meal and as a Twister. The crunchy Veggie Tenders are made from the plant protein mycoprotein. After a successful pilot – at six different KFC restaurants – this meat substitute is permanently available in all KFC restaurants in the Netherlands as of last Tuesday.

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The Original Recipe ‘Veggie Tenders’ are made from mycoprotein

Mycoprotein is a natural source of high quality protein, high in fiber and cholesterol free. The Veggie Tenders are breaded with KFC’s signature 11 Herbs & Spices. The Veggie Twister and Veggie Burger feature – in addition to fresh iceberg lettuce and tomato – a creamy, vegan mayonnaise.

Future proof

KFC is constantly working to make the menu future proof. Hans Miete, CEO of KFC Netherlands: “With the introduction of the Original Recipe Veggie Tenders, we want to offer a sustainable option and make our menu accessible to a wider target group. We are very proud of this new assortment in our menu – it’s vegetarian and at the same time really KFC, in terms of taste and texture.” View KFC’s vegetarian assortment here.

About KFC Netherlands

KFC Netherlands has 83 restaurants. In 2022, Collins Foods, the largest franchise partner of the fast food chain in the Netherlands, took over the operations of KFC Netherlands. Every day the chicken is prepared fresh by the KFC chefs, still following the original recipe from 1939 by founder Colonel

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