Key in a safe Stravinsky city hotel, comfort without any extra’s


Last weekend Horecatrends was invited to try-out the Stravinsky city hotel in Hengelo before the opening. A hotel where you won’t have to ask the staff for your key or breakfast.

Stravinsky city hotel

The inventive hotel focusses on business travelers without any extra’s. At the Stravinsky city hotel you won’t find a check-in desk or staff members to bring roomservice or chocolate on your pillow when you go to sleep and they don’t create swans from your towels.

A couple of days before arriving at the hotel you will get an email with your room number and reservation number. Your reservation number is very important, since that will be your password to open the safe in which you can find the key to your room. So no time wasted at the check-in instead you just grab your key and go directly to your room.

Breakfast bag

Once you’re in your room, you’re able to decide what you would like to have for breakfast the next morning. In each room you’ll find a paper bag, which also serves as menu, just indicate which drink, sandwich and fruit you would like to have for breakfast. Once filled in, you have to hang it outside your door. The next morning at 07:00 am your breakfast will be ready in front of your hotel door. Everything to make it as easy as possible for the guests.

Rooms, comfort without any extra’s

The 14 rooms aren’t big but have everything you need. Also nice for international guests, since you’re able to relax and watch television in your room because all televisions have Netflix.

Restaurant Stravinsky

If you want to enjoy the good weather and having something to eat, you just have to walk out the hotel and you’re able to enjoy a square full of restaurants. It has nice terraces to enjoy a summer evening. ^Bram Kosterink

Website: Stravinsky

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