KabaQ | Augmented Reality Food


KabaQ enables users to see virtual 3D food on their table in-restaurant and when ordering online.

What is KabaQ?

KabaQ removes uncertainties inherent to the current food selection experience. As compared to traditional menus, diners using KabaQ can see and ‘feel’ an interactive, 360 view of each dish, portion size, ingredients (visualized, translated and explained) and complementary items.

Lifelike 3D Models

KabaQ uses advanced scanning technologies to create ultra-high quailty 3D models. These 3D models can be also used as visuals for your website, marketing materials and promotion in the KabaQ augmented reality app.

What KabaQ means for your company

  1. Allow your customers to view all the dishes on your menu through smart devices, increasing customer engagement.
  2. Inform your customers about portion size and ingredients, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  3. Provides an up-sell opportunity by showing main dishes served along with drinks, side dishes and dessert combinations.

Try out yourself

Underneath you can try the 3D model yourself, check it out!

Website: KabaQ

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