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  • Adams Market by Jutter SpeijsAdams Market by Jutter Speijs
  • Jutter Speijs Food MarketJutter Speijs Food Market
  • Jutter Speijs Food MarketJutter Speijs Food Market
  • Jutter Speijs Food MarketJutter Speijs Food Market
  • Jutter Speijs Food MarketJutter Speijs Food Market
  • De directie van Jutter SpeijsDe directie van Jutter Speijs

Should the minibar belong to the past? It does according to Jutter Speijs. Jutter Speijs offers an unique “Food Market”-retail concept for hotels. The unmanned food markets of the company can be placed in the lobby of a hotel and the guests can decide themselves what they will take up to their room, which makes the minibar unnecessary. Jutter Speijs is already active in several hotels in the Netherlands and hopes to expand locally and abroad this year.

Jutter Speijs | 24/7 food market in your lobby

Jutter Speijs can be a great solution for both guests and hoteliers. Hotels are eliminating the daily costs and effort to fill and maintain the minibar. The shop-in-shop offers a broader assortment for its guests. The shops could be filled with the owners’ wishes with for example locally produced products and furthermore the design of the shop-in-shop will be adjusted to match the appearance of the hotel. The shop will be replenished by Jutter Speijs so the hoteliers don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

In the Netherlands, you can find some of these shop-in-shops in The James Hotel in Rotterdam, The Lancaster hotel in Amsterdam, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, The Amrath Apart-Hotel Schiphol, The Match in Eindhoven, the Marriott in Rotterdam and in a couple of hotels of the following hotel chains: Van der Valk Hotels, NH hotel Group and Postillion Hotels.

Shop-in-Shop examples

We’ve seen several concepts in hotel lobby’s abroad, like a Starbucks or an establishment of a local bakery in the Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven, but not a real shopping environment in the lobby yet, which actually really fits within the present time. Even guests are often in a hurry and having the comfort of getting a snack from the shop-in-shop is enjoyed. We wrote about a similar initiative of Stach in the Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City in 2016.

Jutter Speijs and Lekkerland | 1000 unmanned convenience stores

Last month the company announced that it will collaborate with Lekkerland. They set a goal of opening up 1000 new shop-in-shops locally and abroad. They are not only focusing on hotel chains but also on offices.

Laurens de Kleine, co-founder of Jutter Speijs about the collaboration with Lekkerland: “As a fast growing organization you have to focus on the disciplines you want to win with, you want to differentiate yourself from the rest and to offer unique values to your clients. The other aspects you need to leave for the other winners of their disciplines, and Lekkerland is one of those winners. They are an important logistics partner for expansion to other European countries. Lekkerland has due to this collaboration an opening into a new market, an unexplored area in the food market, where Jutter Speijs makes the difference.”









Website: Jutter Speijs 

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