JUIZ~S by Niven | Dutch chef Niven Kunz launches vegetable juices


Chef Niven Kunz developed a number of healthy juices in collaboration with JUIZ~S. The result is presented under the name JUIZ~S by Niven. A selection of three cold-pressed vegetable juices, entirely according to Niven’s 80/20 philosophy with 80% vegetables and 20% fruit and/or herbs. Niven is so proud of the result that he will sell the juices in a special juice arrangement in his restaurant as well.

About JUIZ~S by Niven

“Most of the so-called healthy juices you buy at the grocery use fruit juice as base ingredient, explains Sylvia van Alphen, owner of JUIZ~S. “If only some leaves of spinach are added to apple juice, the juice will turn green and look healthier immediately. Because of the fact that our juices consist of 80% vegetable juice, they contain much less sugar.” In addition, they are cold-pressed, which keeps all vitamins, enzymes and minerals in the juice. “This also makes them very suitable for schoolchildren, for example.”

Niven created three different juices:
– JUIZ~S by Niven Red with red pepper, tomato, watermelon and basil.
– JUIZ~S by Niven Yellow with yellow beet and yellow carrot, mango, orange and dragon.
– JUIZ~S By Niven Green with cutlery, celery, apple and lime.

About Niven Kunz

Niven Kunz received his first Michelin Star when he was 24 years old. Niven cooks with 80% vegetables and 20% meat or fish. For him, this 80/20 philosophy is clear and logical; he always chooses vegetables over meat or fish in his kitchen. Especially because cooking with vegetables is what he likes most. With his 80/20 philosophy, restaurant NIVEN in Rijswijk was voted Best Vegetable Restaurant in the Netherlands by Gault Millau. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, 500 colleagues re-elected NIVEN as Best Vegetable Restaurant in the Netherlands.


The cold-pressed juices of JUIZ~S are helping you just to get a little healthier, greener and more sparkling. All juices contain 70% vegetable and up to 30% fruit, the three launched JUIZ~S by Niven juices contain 80% vegetable. The ingredients are cold-pressed, leaving all vitamins, minerals and enzymes retained. Nothing more, so no added sugar and color flavors.

Website: Restaurant Niven

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