Joint venture ‘World of Food’ a new streetfood food hall in Amsterdam



Throughout The Netherlands more and more food halls are rapidly created. Recently a joint venture in the Southeast of Amsterdam signed the papers to transform a former parking garage into the ‘World of Food’, a new type of food hall. Dozens of entrepreneurs joined forces and are collectively responsible for both cooking the street food and running the joint project. The ‘World of Food’ opens late May 2015.

The food court entrepreneurs and its joint venture signed the contracts for an exotic food hall in Amsterdam on March 19.

The joint venture ‘World of Food’

The street food artists, from all over the world, will be located in the inner circle of the food hall. At the outer ring of the food hall, the established food chains and restaurants will be located. The street food entrepreneurs are working together in a joint venture and have to deal with the established chains on subjects like cleaning and security.

Martijn Bakker, on behalf of the developer Lingotto, creator of special projects within cities: “the goal is to let the entrepreneurs run everything themselves. Together they have to make a success of World of Food. By letting them work closely, they learn from each other and from the larger companies. It’s a chance for the Southeast of Amsterdam to show off its culinary skills and at the same time develop the entrepreneurial talents of its citizens.”

The district of Amsterdam Southeast is pleased with the project. Urwin Vyent from ‘Stadsdeel Zuidoost’: “World of Food makes the often hidden culinary talents from the district visible. We offer them an opportunity to serve their dishes in a professional environment. In addition, this concept connects with the development of the area with its many new residents in a great way. For example the hundreds of students from the Spinoza Campus are within walking distance of the ‘World of Food’ and are able to enjoy the street food.”

The NTR (Dutch Television) will make a television program about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurs and business owners of ‘World of Food’ in a six-part television series that’s broadcasted every Sunday afternoon from May onwards.

Website: World of Food Amsterdam

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