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JARR Kombucha, the fermented tea drink launched in 2015 by Adam Vanni, Tom and Jess Seaton, and Neil Hinchley, have partnered with Belgian family owned brewery Duvel Moortgat to pave the way for further growth and expansion throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Another impulse to further expand the sales of Kombucha!

JARR Kombucha | At the basis of Kombucha’s popularity in the UK

JARR Kombucha, which has been at the forefront of the UK’s surging interest in kombucha, began life as a small operation, brewed and bottled by hand in Hackney Wick (London). Since then, the passionate team have opened the UK’s first dedicated kombucha bar, their bottles of kombucha have been stocked in bars, restaurants and cafes across the country as well as Soho House, Selfridges, Planet Organic, Harrods and Sourced Market, and they have installed the UK’s first draft kombucha dispense system in Whole Foods Market.

The new partnership with Duvel Moortgat will allow JARR to significantly increase production with investment in a new site in London, and it will benefit from Duvel’s expertise and distribution network. The company will continue to be run by the JARR founders, who will remain at the reins of brewing, marketing and sales, and overseeing the quality and consistency that has always been a priority for the business.

Duvel Moortgat | Investment in the increasing market for low to non-alcoholic drinks

For Duvel Moortgat, the investment answers increasing market demand for low to non-alcoholic drinks. JARR founder Adam Vanni says, “We are hugely excited to be working with Duvel Moortgat. As a family business with a distinct focus on quality, Duvel shares our values and vision for the future. We are looking forward to teaming up with them and bringing great kombucha to more people than ever before.” Michel Moortgat, CEO (and 4th generation family member) “As a family owned brewery, specializing in drinks of the highest quality, we are delighted about this partnership with JARR. The way of producing kombucha is very similar to that of beer. It is the result of all natural ingredients brewed to a tasteful drink by highly passionate people; we can now offer our consumers a different yet equally high quality brewed premium drink.”


Kombucha is a fermented soft drink, consisting of a blend of tea, water, sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). These ingredients are left to ferment in a warm environment for a period of time leaving you with a delicious, complex, and nutrient dense soft drink. JARR offers a range of 3 all natural flavours (Original, Ginger and Passion Fruit) in 240 ml and 480 ml bottles and 20L kegs.

Website: JARR Kombucha Duvel Moortgat

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