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Although we are not forced to hire new employees for a while, it is wise to check how you can get staff once we can reopen. The shortage of staff has been a reason for many companies to close several times slots in the past year here in the Netherlands.

JAMES horeca, a platform for temporary staff with an app for hospitality employees, could help compensate for the current shortage. Thanks to their 360-degree approach, they find, train, and captivate employees who help the Dutch hospitality industry at events, restaurants, bars, and clubs. With the result of always having trained people on location, something in which they are distinctive and progressive.

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JAMES horeca | Dutch platform for temporary staff with an app and its own academy

Franck Evers about JAMES horeca: “In my other role as ‘global draft master of Heineken’ and co-founder of Heineken’s ‘Goed Getapt’ program, I know how important it is for an employee to be well prepared. The self-confidence that comes with developing knowledge guarantees a productive service employee, who recognizes sales opportunities and offer hospitality service.

More than 6500 young people have registered and downloaded the app and are ready to apply for ‘jobs’ that are offered within the app. In October and November, they were able to observe the impact and potential of the new platform. In these months more than 10.000 hours a month were hired through JAMES horeca, four times as much as budgeted. That promises something for the moment the industry reopens, and events can be organized again.

An academy has been set up within the JAMES horeca app, where people can optimize their competencies. They also provide physical training courses for which employees can register for free. The scores are visible in the profile of the employee, so that they can be easily valued by the client.

Nowadays, these types of temporary employment platforms only work with freelancers, at JAMES horeca, they can also work as an employee. They believe it is fine if people choose for entrepreneurship, but they do not want to make it mandatory. For people who want to work in paid employment, they use a so-called temporary employment structure.

Website: JAMES horeca

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