Jacketz | The baked potato shop


Tasty and good food for less than € 10,=. That is exactly the reason why Paul Zonneberg & Pascal ter Beek opened the first baked potato shop in the Netherlands. Jacketz serves healthy baked potatoes with culinary fillings.

Jacketz – unpeeled potatoes

The name Jacketz originates from the English dish ‘jacket potato’, also known as the unpeeled potato. At Jacketz they cut the baked potato open and fill them with tasty dishes such as: spicy green curry, mackerel salad with fresh herbs and for example pulled pork in whiskey maple sauce.

At Jacketz they prepare your freshly made meal in a few minutes. In the Baked Potato Shop they serve their dishes with different wines and beers, biologic lemonades, juices, teas and coffees. It’s also possible to order the Jacketz for take-away in a Baked-Potato-Box. Delivery service is also possible.

New location

The second baked potato shop in Amsterdam will be opened soon. The boys keep busy, they are also looking for possibilities to expand their shops to The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Until they open these shops, we have to go to Amsterdam.

Website: Jacketz

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