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  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp AmsterdamMastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Mastino vegan pizza in De Pijp Amsterdam

Looking for a tasty vegan pizza in Amsterdam? Visit pizzeria Mastino, located in De Pijp. Or visit again, since Mastino reopened with a new look and energy. Here they serve plant-based pizzas and also love to provide you with a good cup of caffé Italiano and a delicious ‘Chocovella’. Mastino is open seven days a week – and if you’re lucky you’ll conquer one of the few seats – for the pizza lover who likes something a little different.

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What you see, is what you get | Mastino

Mastino is located in the lively heart of De Pijp. The take-away pizzeria is the brainchild of the ever energetic and cheerful Novella – a true household name in De Pijp. Novella is a true Italian who, working as a dancer and personal trainer, was living in Rome when she bumped into a handsome Dutchman. He invited her to Amsterdam, she fell in love for a second time and after six months gave her vows – also to the city. Novella always dreamed of a small, atmospheric pizzeria with special pizzas. She founded Mastino in 2015, opened a first location and grew into the very first vegan pizzeria in the Netherlands.

Novella did put one vegan pizza on the menu at some point after a tip from a good friend and with this she planted the seed for an all-vegan, plant-based pizza to go restaurant. Today, the menu features only plant-based dishes, all of which are highly recommended even for non-vegans. The creative pioneer Novella is done with pigeonholes and rules, and is always looking for new possibilities that create and add something. Even the pizza names are nice and quirky. Being served by Novella is a real treat, as if you were visiting an old friend.

Out of the box | Don’t call me Pepperoni or Beet & Zola

Now you may think that these plant-based pizzas were created specifically for vegans, but nothing could be further from the truth. The accessible and tasty pizzas are a must-try for everyone. If only because of the special combinations of fresh vegetables, sauces and vegan cheese. Novella has been working with her good friend Mariluz, a Spanish artisan vegan cheese maker based in Amsterdam, since the start. She provides Mastino with all kinds of vegan cheeses. The pizzeria is the only one that tops pizzas with cheese made from lentils. Personal recommendations include Aleria, Beet & Zola and Don’t call me Pepperoni.

The pizzas are not only delicious; the looks – courtesy of garishly colored vegetables – definitely deserve extra attention. Have you tried them all? Every month a new pizza is put in the spotlight. By the way, Mastino is also the place for a good cup of Italian coffee or just a dessert – definitely worth an after-dinner walk to De Pijp.

Your body belongs to you

Are you strolling down Eerste van der Helststraat or the surrounding area and feel like a pizza? Conquer a spot inside – there are about eight – or take the vegan pizzas home with you. You can also order in advance via Mastino’s website, you only have to pick it up then. That’s not a punishment at all. Once you see all the other high-end Italian vegan products, wine and desserts you are sold. So take your time during your visit, stroll with an Aranciata in your hand along the wall with delicacies and especially ask Novella what you as a home cook really need. She is always in for a chat.

The eggplant-colored building where Mastino is located is hard to miss. Inside, Novella’s story is everywhere. For example on the wall where the art gallery consists of a beautiful collection of private images. Or by the striking motto “Your body belongs to you.” Novella’s motto, which can be applied to both humans and animals. The rest of the design is quite clean and industrial with natural materials and some colorful details. These provide a funky touch and so does Novella’s infectious personality.

Website: Mastino

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