Internet coverage in rural Sri Lanka using Google Project Loon


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, Mangala Samaraweera, announced on 28 July 2015 that the country will provide full internet coverage in collaboration with Google. It will be the first country in the world with affordable, universal access to the internet.

Project Loon

The Project Loon balloons drift in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and above the highest clouds. Loon balloons are able to go where they are needed by increasing or decreasing their altitude and move to the layer in the atmosphere with the desired wind direction. Each balloon has a 4G wireless communication transmitter and a reach of about 40 km in diameter.

Facebook Aquila

Facebook is also working on the internet accessibility in rural areas under the name of ‘Aquila‘. The engineers of this company develop a solar-powered plane that can communicate with the ground via laser technology. Global Internet coverage for everyone is nearby now because these two Internet giants are working on it.

With these developments, communication during disasters and in remote areas will be cheaper and faster in the future, one of the motives of Google.


Website: Facebook Aquila

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