Inspiration from Grand Resort Bad Ragaz


Restaurant Bel-Air in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a few dishes with local plants and herbs along with a small card with a picture, an explanation and a recipe.

Jelly from plants from the nature around Bad Ragaz

Renato Wüst, executive chef serves jellies of buckthorn, blackthorn and primrose in his dish ‘Terrine de foie gras maison, gelée d’argousier, primevère et prunier épineux’. Every jelly is described on a small card with a photo of the plant and the recipe! See the photos for inspiration.

Inspiration for other chefs

How often do you use local herbs or plants in a dish or special, distinctive ingredients? Is such a small card not a nice little welcoming gesture to your guests to provide more information about this dish? Furthermore, it is certainly a nice gesture to add a recipe for guests from the area. Name and phone number on it and you catch two birds with one stone: extra promotion of your dishes and you do not need to give more information to the table on that ingredient! Recently I also told my companions during dinner all I know about cresses, how you can use them and how healthy they are. You can also co-create a small card with a producer, like for example in this case with Koppert Cress.

Website: Bad Ragaz

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