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Dutch grocery store Albert Heijn introduced India Pale Ale. The special beers Anchor and BrewDog Punk India Pale Ale (IPA) are now available in their stores. Although IPA is a global trend for years now, until recently it was only available at liquor stores and cafés in the Netherlands. Special beer retailer Bier&Co responded to the increasing demand for home-brewed beers with a distinctive flavor by introducing IPA to the big market.


Wholesale Bier&Co has a passion for tasteful beer and was the first who brought special beers to the Netherlands. As the demand from consumers, liquor stores and restaurants increased, they have become a serious player in the beer industry as well.

India Pale Ale

IPA beer originates from England, where it was mostly exported to India in the beginning of the 19th century. Because the shipping could take months, extra hops was added to the beer which increased the durability. This process gives IPA beers its typical flavor.

Website: Bier&Co

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