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If you are addicted to steaks and would like to experience a fun and interactive dinner, than you have to go the Ikinari Steak restaurant. At Ikinari Steak they serve ‘super thick’ high quality meats at a fast pace, you even have to eat at a standing station. The Ikinari Steak restaurants are already popular in Japan (100 locations throughout Japan, including over 60 locations in Tokyo) but since last November you can also find it in New York where they’re planning to open 20 more locations in in the next five years.

The idea behind Ikinari Steak    

The idea behind Ikinari Steak is to serve ‘super thick’ high quality meats quickly and economically. People stand while consuming their steaks. Dining at this restaurant can be seen as a fun, interactive, communal and brand new experience for the New Yorkers. We think that these standing dinner concepts would be a great asset to a food hall as well. The success of this type of restaurant in Japan is explained as follows: Ikinari Steak offers the same quality of meat as high-end restaurants but then for a lower price. This because of the fact that guests usually don’t have a seat (10 seats and 40 standing stations).

What do they serve?

The restaurants offer three cuts of meat: ribeye, sirloin and filet that can be ordered at a minimum of 340 (12oz) or 397 grams (14oz). The meat is prepared on an open-fire, served with corn, onion and garlic paste presented sizzling on a cast-iron platter. Guest are allowed to add more to their steaks at an extra cost.

How does it work?

People eat and they’re out, most of the time in 30 minutes or less. Ideal for the people with a limited amount of free time but still hungry for a high-quality steak. Upon arrival you approach the counter and pick your preferred meat. Than a butcher cuts it in front of you and serves it one way: rare. If you don’t like your meat rare, don’t worry, you can cook it to the desired temperature yourself. After the meat is prepared, you bring the meat to a standing station where you can choose your favorite seasoning and sauce. The meat is accompanied by onions, a side of corn and garlic paste.

Loyalty program

With their loyalty program ‘beef mileage card’ app you can track how many pounds of steak you’ve eaten and compare this against other regular visitors.

Bron: Eater New York

Website: Ikinari Steak

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