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We’re kind of jealous of those living in San Diego, they have the iDessert by Jean-Phillipe shop in their vicinity where they can create their own dessert. Guests can choose from hundreds of different flavour combinations. The signature dessert is made from a handmade meringue crust filled with whipped cream and homemade ice cream or sorbet. The dessert is enriched with a sauce made from fruit and topped with cake, nuts or cookie crumbs. You create and order your combination using a tablet in the store.

iDessert by Jean-Philippe

We already wrote about it last week in our ‘trends we spotted this week’ but quite some colleagues told us they wanted a concept like iDessert by Jean-Philippe in the Netherlands. Hence a more extensive article! The possibilities are endless: there are 16 different meringues, five different types of cream, eight flavours of ice cream and sorbet, five kinds of cakes, six sauces, six kinds of fruit and a large assortment of crunchy toppings.

The chef Jean-Philippe Maury is originally from Perpignan (France). So hopefully he considers  starting a chain of iDessert in France? And maybe a franchise business in the Netherlands? We will visit it for sure! The dessert made us think of a childhood memory for those who’re older than 40 years and who went on holiday to France each year, the old French ice cream dessert ‘Mystère’.

Website: iDessert

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