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Dining without having contact with your table companions, other guests or waiters. This is possible since last year in New York at Ichiran Ramen, a restaurant chain that originates in Japan. Guest can enjoy a bowl with ramen 24/7, a Japanese dish that can be compared to noodle soup. If you want to concentrate on the taste, you can eat alone at their ‘flavour concentration booths’.

Ichiran Ramen

It’s not what you would expect when entering a restaurant. At Ichiran Ramen you see a row of guests enjoying their ramen in their own ‘booth’, not the normal cosy, fun atmosphere you normally expect in a restaurant. There is almost no contact; not with guests nor with the waiters. Upon arrival,  you get a table assigned via a numeric system, you write down your order and push it to the hatch in front of you. Your waiter, who works behind a screen, will prepare your order and serves your bowl of ramen through the hatch. The restaurant has 30 tables (booths), which they subscribe as ‘flavour concentration booths’.

Inspiration for the Netherlands?

Do you think this concept would also work in the Netherlands? We doubt it. Having dinner in the Netherlands is often a night out. In other cultures like in New York and Japan enjoying a healthy functional meal outside your home without hanging out with family, friends or colleagues is more common. That’s why Ichiran Ramen is very suitable.

Watch here the video of Ichiran Ramen.

Website: Ichiran

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