Ice cream that tastes like chicken: the Chicken Gelati


Do you like chicken and ice cream? Then you might like Chicken Gelati! Ice cream with chicken flavour, as snack on a cocktail party, daytime snack or dessert.

A savoury twist on ice cream

The Swiss meat producer Micarna Group launched a new product: Chicken Gelati. A savoury twist on ice cream. The ice cream does not only taste like chicken but also contains 20% chicken. A flavour that you would not expect with ice cream, that mostly is associated with a dessert. Micarna wanted to create a new product that would surprise the market, something innovating. They presented this product on the ‘Taste 15’ exhibition that was held on the ‘Anuga Food Fair’ in Cologne this year.

The Chicken Gelati comes in packages of three ice cream jars and is available in three different flavours: caramel, tarragon and curry with pineapple. Besides eating Chicken Gelati as a dessert you can also  eat it as a savoury refreshing snack during the day or serve it at a cocktail party for example. A perfect alternative when you feel like eating something different than the standard sandwiches and pastries.

Micarna Group

The Swiss company  Micarna officially is a meat producer, but they recently launched several new and innovative snacks. Which are the ‘Chickornettos’ and the ‘Meat & Cheese Candies’. The meat producer also won an innovation award. The Micarna Group cares about animal wellbeing and protecting the environment. All the meat they process is from Switzerland. This is because Switzerland has all the prerequisites to develop and market environmentally friendly and socially compatible products.


Website: Micarna Group

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