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Inspired by Pennywise, the scary clown from Steven King’s IT movie, used by multiple locations of Hurts Donuts, to do scary clown deliveries as part of their services. Your donuts brought to you by a delivery guy dressed up as clown and with creepy smiles. He even has the popular red balloons with him!  The movie was released on the 7th of September in the Netherlands, making Pennywise a popular topic in conversations. But to use Pennywise the way Hurts Donuts did? Scary but an effective marketing stunt….

Scary clown delivers…. donuts

Effective in the way that we never heard about Hurts Donut Company before and now we do! That must be the same for a lot of people in the USA as well. Those who would like to scare friends and colleagues might even order donuts just to do so!

Some people love to scare each other and share this through one of their social media platforms and  Hurts Donuts provides the perfect opportunity to do that!  You can have donuts delivered by ‘a scary clown’ at a friends or family members house, even at the office, for an additional $5! This led of course to many funny video’s and reactions on social media.

Hurts Donut Company

The Hurts Donut chain is located in 6 different states (Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin) in the Midwest of VS and the demand for pennywise donuts delivery is rising. Check out their Facebook page for the results of their pranks.

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