How to top pumpkin spice? Peet’s Coffee introduces ‘Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew’ for fall


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Peet’s Coffee announces its new limited-edition fall menu, featuring a new plant-based ‘Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew’. The fall menu, available August 25th at participating coffee bars, brings back seasonal beverage favourites, Pumpkin Latte and Maple Latte, along with an exclusive Maple Oat Frappé available to Peetnik Rewards members on the Peet’s app and online. Peet’s is also featuring its ‘Vine & Walnut Autumn 2021 Blend’, named in honour of the company’s original coffee bar at the corner of Vine St. and Walnut St. in Berkeley, California.

It’s pumpkin time again! The apple pie in the Netherlands, is as popular as the pumpkin pie in America. Even here in the Netherlands we see more and more ‘pumpkin flavor’ in combination with coffee, which addresses the sweet tooth of young people! The innovation here is that this drink is a cold coffee with a layer of plant-based foam with pumpkin taste. Here the cold brew isn’t very popular yet and certainly not as popular as in America. 

Peak Pumpkin Season with ‘Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew’

This fall, Peet’s is introducing a fresh twist on pumpkin spice with its new cold brew innovation: Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew, which pairs a silky pumpkin pie flavoured oat milk foam over smooth Baridi Blend cold brew coffee. The result is a refreshing pumpkin cold brew beverage with just the right notes of baked pumpkin custard, creamy foam whip, and sweet seasonal spices. In addition, the fall menu brings back customer favourites, Peet’s Pumpkin Latte and Maple Latte, which are available hot or iced. Peetnik Rewards members can also enjoy exclusive menu items, like Peet’s Maple Oat Frappé, which combines sweet maple flavours, Baridi Blend cold brew, and velvety oat milk, all blended with ice.

“Our fall beverage line is one of the most anticipated menus of the year, and this year we wanted to take our craft even further with a new Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew,” said Patrick Main, Senior Beverage Innovator at Peet’s Coffee. “How could we top pumpkin spice? With a pumpkin pie-spiced oat milk micro foam, of course. We know our customers count on Peet’s for new tastes and coffee experiences and this menu delivers the flavours and crisp sensations of fall with greater variety than ever before.”

 Peet’s 2021 Fall Limited Time Menu and Roasts includes

Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew: Starting with refreshing Baridi Blend cold brew coffee, then topped with a luscious layer of silky, pumpkin pie-spiced oat milk micro foam for a sweet and quenching beverage with a smooth coffee taste.

Pumpkin Latte: Hand-pulled espresso and steamed milk meet the richness of pumpkin. Topped with a sprinkling of seasonal spices for an essential autumn treat.

Maple Latte: Hand-pulled espresso and steamed milk meet the seasonal sweetness of maple.

Maple Oat Frappé (Exclusive to Peetnik Rewards Members): Smooth Baridi Blend cold brew blended with ice, velvety oat milk, and a touch of maple sweetness.

Custom Pumpkin Spice

All Peet’s pumpkin beverages are made with a custom Monin gourmet syrup specially designed to hit just the right spiced baked pumpkin notes. The syrup is available only at Peet’s and has no added dairy, allowing guests who prefer plant-based foods to enjoy this season’s beverages.

Peet’s limited time only beverage offerings are available at participating Peet’s coffee bars while supplies last through November 2nd, 2021. All Peet’s items can be ordered via the Peet’s app for easy pick-up or delivery.

About Peet’s Coffee

Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966 by Alfred Peet, the ‘Big Bang of coffee’, Peet’s Coffee® introduced an artisan movement by sourcing the world’s best beans, hand-roasting in small batches, and crafting beverages by hand. With rich, complex, superior quality roasts unlike anything Americans ever tasted before, Peet’s influenced generations of coffee entrepreneurs and connoisseurs. Today, Peet’s is uncompromisingly dedicated to its founding tenets and asserts a strict standard of freshness, ensuring optimum flavour with a team that personally vets the beans and ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee available at 17,000 grocery, convenience and mass stores nationwide. Peet’s operates from the first LEED® Gold certified roastery in the United States and grows its business through retail, grocery, on-premise, and e-commerce channels. For more information, visit their website.

Website: Peet's Coffee

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