Hotella Nutella | The sweetest hotel pop-up of all will open in Napa Valley in 2020


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  • Hotella NutellaHotella Nutella
  • Hotella NutellaHotella Nutella
  • Hotella NutellaHotella Nutella

A dream comes true for Nutella fans over the whole world, a pop-up Nutella hotel will open in January 2020 in Napa Valley, California. Inspired by Nutella®, The Original Hazelnut Spread®, the exclusive one weekend only pop-up will treat three Nutella super-fans and their guests to an unforgettable breakfast experience that showcases new and exciting ways to enjoy the hazelnut spread. Consumers interested in vying for a reservation for the weekend of January 10-12, 2020 can apply for the chance to win a visit to the property by going to the website of Hotella Nutella, and creating a video that demonstrates how Nutella makes their mornings special. Nutella fans can also find full contest rules here.

Earlier this year we wrote about the pop-up Taco Bell Hotel and the Airbnb Barbie home. It looks like marketing departments of famous brands found their way into the hotel world! We wonder when their will be pop-up in a Dutch hotel?

How does Hotella Nutella looks like?

Featuring larger-than-life jars of Nutella and breakfast decor, and hazelnut and cocoa spread-inspired hotel items, the ultimate weekend breakfast experience will allow winning fans to take their passion for Nutella to new heights. Following in the footsteps of the Nutella Cafes in New York and Chicago, Hotella Nutella will give Nutella-aficionados unexpected ways to celebrate their love for the hazelnut spread through immersive activities that highlight the best of the brand. This includes interactive breakfast sessions dreamed up by the Nutella Weekend Breakfast Chef Team, a panel of notable culinary talent, featuring:

A Nutella Breakfast Dinner with Geoffrey Zakarian: Iron Chef and Food Network celebrity judge Geoffrey Zakarian brings a serious dose of star power to the table, showing guests that breakfast for dinner has never been easier – or more delicious – with Nutella.

A Savory Soul Food Brunch with Tanya Holland: Known for her inventive take on modern soul food and comfort classics, the chef, TV personality and owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen infuses modern Southern breakfast recipes with the magic of Nutella

Pancake Art with Dancakes: The talented pancake artist team, who performs live pancake art around the world, creates viral videos and has been featured on national broadcast shows, will teach fans how to make unforgettable pancake designs that combine family fun with the delicious taste of Nutella

“Hotella Nutella reimagines the joy of the hotel stay with a special breakfast experience that allows fans to enjoy Nutella in new and different ways,” said Todd Midura, Vice President of Marketing at Nutella® North America, Ferrero. “We hope our guests learn how to recreate the magic of Hotella Nutella at home, giving them more opportunities to gather with friends and family to enjoy a special breakfast.”

For if you want to win the stay at Hotella Nutella

For all the dedicated chocolate spreads lovers, the hotel is set to open in January 2020 but … for just ONE weekend. The experience will take place from 10 – 12 January.

Another thing you need to know is you can’t buy a spot in the Nutella-themed pop-up hotel in California’s Napa Valley. You have to earn it! The competition is only open to US residents, but we’re hoping Nutella will soon run something similar in Europe.

If you fancy visiting, you need to head over to the official Hotella Nutella website and enter their competition. In order to win a place, you’ll have to create a video (60 seconds or less) demonstrating how Nutella makes your morning special, and send it in! The submissions end on December 8, so don’t be (choco) late!

Website: Hotella Nutella

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