Hospitality with a story at PRESSROOM



PRESSROOM opens her doors in Amsterdam in the spring of 2015. The restaurant is located in the former building of the Dutch newspaper ‘De Tijd’. This was the place where stories arose, were written and were eventually printed in ink. These three themes: ‘time, ink & stories’ play a big part in the story of PRESSROOM and have been decisive for the selection of the staff, the interior and menu.

Hospitality with a story

PRESSROOM started looking for staff with an innovating recruitment campaign. Through this campaign, the restaurant has casted characters based on their personal and unique stories. The recruitment is completed, but they were looking for, among others, the following character’s; ‘The Mastermind’, ‘The Fortune Teller’, ‘The Flavour Maker’ and ‘The Brewer’. If you have to fulfil those functions, you do have to create a story around them. 😉 The interior is also based on a PRESSROOM with classic typewriters, ink bottles of glass and large rolls of printing paper.

All day drink&eat

PRESSROOM has selected an all-day drink&eat menu for every part of the day. Coffees are made with a machine of ‘Van der Westen’, also called ‘the king of the espresso’. With lunch and dinner it is all about sharing. The dinner menu is a combination of international cuisine with local produced products. You can drink a cocktail until late at the Library Lounge or the bar. PRESSROOM lives from early in the morning until late at night because the story must go on…

Website: INK Hotel Amsterdam

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