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  • HosPETality - @thedoodlecalledjimmy loves to travelHosPETality - @thedoodlecalledjimmy loves to travel
  • A thermal dedicated dog pool at Lifestyle & Thermal retreat FonteverdeA thermal dedicated dog pool at Lifestyle & Thermal retreat Fonteverde

A couple of weeks ago we spotted the great term HosPETality and because we travel with our family & office dog, Labradoodle Jimmy, we spot a lot of examples of pet-friendly gestures. In hotels you have to pay a small fee for the dog but mostly you get a bowl, doggy pillows and if the dog is lucky, a treat! It already starts with the reservation, we booked a stay at a hotel in Spain and because we gave notice of our dog and asked them to book a table for dinner, they emailed us that they booked us a table at the terrace so Jimmy could accompany us for dinner. Just thoughtfull! We made a list of very great small gestures hotels and restaurants can implement.

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HosPETality at the River Terrace Inn in Napa | With an example for highway restaurants

Here is where we spotted HosPETality – the River Terrace Inn invites four-legged friends to enjoy the ultimate in hosPETality at Napa Valley’s premier riverfront hotel. Their pup-cation has a Napa Paws Program. You can check it out at their website, link in the title. In short – the pawfectly planned program offers dog-friendly, locally-curated welcome amenities and special pet perks, ranging from a Very Important Paws VIP welcome at check-in to a special sleeping bed. They even have a ‘Yappy Hour’, guests enjoy a cocktail and snacks and the puppy enjoys snacks as well at their riverfront setting. They have a list of dog friendly wineries (Pooch-Friendly) and give a list of dog friendly restaurants and leash free areas in Napa.

The thing I miss at most restaurants, is a small map with trails you can walk with your dog straight from the hotel. As we spotted many hotels offering maps to joggers it must be possible to make a small one for walks with the dog.

Included at the River Terrace Inn is also a special pet exercise area and clean up bags. We invite all highway restaurants to check out this area! We recently visited France with Jimmy and it would be great if she would have a space where she could walk without a leash! Jimmy once had the opportunity to play at a fenced area at a stop in Germany – she and a lot of other dogs loved it. As did their owners!  Jimmy would love to visit the River Terrace Inn and enjoy their HosPETality if only we didn’t have to fly that long!

Pups and Pints | Pet-friendly Happy Hour at the AC Hotel by Marriott Palo Alto

Pups and Pints took place at the AC Hotel by Marriott Palo Alto Lounge patio, a pet-friendly Happy Hour featuring local craft beer and special treats for pups and their people. This event was held on August 2 in collaboration with Alpha Acid Brewing Company with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.


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A dog concierge to welcome your four-legged friend

We visit a couple of hotels having their own dog to greet guests. During our visit to Canada back in 2019, we loved it as we missed our own dog. And we noticed that people travelling with kids loved it as well as did influencers… They could spend hours trying to get a cute selfie with the hoteldog. A lot of free publicity! In an article about pet friendly hotels we read about the director of pet relations, Dakota a golden retriever, at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland. Don’t you love the title? In the Netherlands we love the dog Bella from hotel ‘De Bloemenbeek’, she welcomed Jimmy in a playful way!

The St. Regis Aspen Resort, nestled at the base of Aspen Mountain, has taken it to the next level with their dog Kitty the Bernese. Their dog has its own Instagram account and they even celebrate her birthday with a party for all the pups and people. A presents she asks donation for the Lucky Day Rescue of Colorado, up until her fourth birthday they raised $7000 in total. Check out their post and top HosPETality to include the day rescue center!

Bibs for the dogs visiting your terrace and or your restaurant

Restaurant Artilleriet in Östermalm Sweden, gives dog owners the opportunity to buy a bib for the dog, for inside the restaurant and on the outside terrace. They do this in cooperation with the Denjo Dogs brand. They even created a Denjo Dogs x Artilleriet x Hugo & Celine ultimate summer kit for four-legged friends and their families. The kit included: 1 Bone Appetit Scarf; 1 Bone Appetit Blanket; 1 Adjustable Lead Signature Go; 1 Doglicious Dream-box (with 7 packages of delicious Hugo & Celine treats + spa-kit with 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner). You could enter the contest to win the kit by following all three the accounts, like their post and tag three friends you want to hang out with this summer. Check out the images of dogs with the bib in the post below. In the title a link to the website of restaurant Artilleriet.

Poochini’ at Shake Shack in the USA

If guests with dogs order a shake, the dog can order an ice cream as well, they call it a ‘poochini’. We spotted a couple of Instagram and TikTok video’s about it. Although we couldn’t find out if you can order a Poochini at all restaurants, we love the idea. Check out the video below. Online you can find a lot of pet friendly ice cream recipes.


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Puppuccino very popular at the secret menu of Starbucks

According to many the puppuccino is the most popular secret menu item at most Starbucks Stores. It’s just a small Starbucks cup of whipped cream, made for your dog. Just whipped cream, no coffee, tea, or caffeine in the cup. In the USA they advise you to tell your barista that you’re visiting with your dog and ask if a puppuccino is possible!


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‘Anya Houndmarch’ | A pop-up butcher for treats for dogs

‘Any Houndmarch’ was a concept store by Anya Hindmarch in The Village in London. Till the end of May 2022 dog owners could buy their friends delicacies from the pop-up butcher by designer Anya Hindmarch. They sold treats for dogs and of course accessories like the famous poo-bags from leather in the shape of a dog and of course leashes, jackers, travel bags for dogs and the (according to their website) Dog Essentials Crossbody bag.

Ben & Jerry’s doggie desserts and food truck

Check out the video below about the doggie desserts by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. They even travel to cities in the USA with a food truck selling for example their fairtrade certified and non-GMO sourced Pontch’s Mix Frozen Dog Treat With Peanut Butter & Pretzel Swirls and Rosie’s Batch Frozen Dog Treat With Pumpkin & Mini Cookies. When it’s very hot we love to make some watermelon with greek yoghurt and a dog treat ice cream for our dog Jimmy and she loves it. So she probably loves the Ben & Jerry’s doggie desserts as well. And why not combine a doggie treats food truck with coffee or ice cream for us at dog parks? HosPETality in food!

Luxury pet-friendly hotel in London | The Milestone

At The Milestone Hotel they have special ‘pet services’. Before you arrive you have to inform the hotel of your arrival with your cat or dog by filling in their ‘pet performance form’. They created a real complete and unique package to ensure your dog or cat will feel at home at the hotel. Their Head Concierge, Jose Pauco, and his team offer: The  Dog walking and sitting (you have to book this 24 hours in advance); Grooming service; Dog & cat menus, treats, toys, and first aid kits; Birthday celebrations; Bathrobes & leashes; Taxi service; Litter boxes; Veterinary services & emergency details; Pet store details and we really love this one: Map of nearby parks & walks! HosPETality in detail!

The ‘Waggle Arrangement’ by country estate the Holtweijde in the Netherlands

In country estate the Holtweijde they have a map with a walking routes! As said we miss this often and it is a simple gesture in HosPETality. They don’t welcome dogs in their main building but on their estate house suite or hotel cottage and the dogs can walk in and around the estate on the lead. The dogs are welcomed by a doggy bag with a treat in the room. Very special if you want to bring your dog for breakfast, lunch or dinner they will seat you at the bar. We have travelled to France and Italy last year and in some restaurants Jimmy was welcome, as we did bring her to terraces since she was very young, she sleeps under the table without any problem. But we have seen differently and think that a separate part of the restaurant is a great idea.

A thermal dedicated dog pool was too hot to handle for Jimmy

Jimmy got to travel to Italy and visited Lifestyle & Thermal retreat Fonteverde where people enjoy an authentic transformative experience amidst olive groves, vineyards, streams, and natural hot springs. This exclusive resort was originally constructed in the 17th century as one of the Medici villas, and is now renowned as a therapeutic and luxury retreat into nature. They even have a small natural hot spring for dogs! It was too hot to handle for her, it probably made her think of the warm water that we wash her with at home! She loved the staff and the estate but didn’t want to step into the warm water.

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