Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 50


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends the past few  years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of videos that Mike Adam thinks are cool to watch. Amongst them a video about the top female chef Ana Ros who introduced fine-dining in the rural countryside of Slovenia, a video about how veganism could change the world and one which gives some insights in the most luxurious hotels of Paris.

Top female chef Ana Ros introduced fine-dining in rural Slovenia

In this video, chef Ana Ros can be seen in her restaurant Hisa Franko. Hisa Franko is situated in rural countryside in Slovenia. It is the only restaurant around and currently has a waiting list for more than 6 months. In the area where Hisa Franko is situated, there is hardly any tourism. People there eat mostly just to survive. Opening a fine-dining restaurant in these surroundings seemed like a big risk, but Ana Ros took that risk. She was convinced that if her food was food and unique enough, people would be willing to travel for her.

The video shows where Ana Ros takes her inspiration from and how she was able to make her restaurant this unique and successful. Apart from the inspiration, the video is also full of beautiful footage.

Video length: 4:51 minutes
YouTube channel: Bloomberg
Date of publication: 20-11-2018

How could veganism change the world?

Eating vegan is for a lot of people a hot item. Until recently I never considered eating vegan, but after seeing the video stated below, I believe that it would not be so wrong to reconsider my diet and maybe become a flexaterian. The step to full-vegan would be way too big, and to be honest, I can’t imagine to go there in the near future, but to take a moment and critically reflect my behaviour every once in a while, isn’t too bad.

The video below shows what a vegan diet would do with the world, and shows show alternatives for meat consumption. The owner of the Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch initiative, is also part of the video.

Video length: 6:29 minutes
YouTube channel: The Economist
Date of publication: 27-11-2018

Inside Paris’s Most Expensive Hotel

Due to pollution Paris lost a lot of his shine over the years. But investments are made to give the city a bright future again. More and more green initiatives are being issued and older cars are banned from the city centre.

Apart from the famous touristic hotspots and pollution, Paris also has some beautiful hotels. The Ritz and Hotel de Crillon for example, where suite rates can go up to $20.000 or over $36.0000. Given the costs, a visit to one of them will probably not be available for me, so I will stick to YouTube! 😉 In the video, the improvements from the government to brighten up the city are presented but also a small insight is given in the hotels mentioned above.

Video length: 4:59 minutes
YouTube channel: Bloomberg
Date of publication: 29-11-2018

Bron: Mike Adam

Website: Van Spronsen & Partners

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