Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 48


YouTube is a great source for inspiration and trend spotting. On a daily base, thousands of clips are being uploaded, and we pick out our personal favorites on a weekly base. This week another top 3 of culinary videos worth watching, based on the interests of Mike Adam, one of our writers. With this week videos about a recipe to replace your protein shake for a dish with dried caterpillars and a video about AI robots in a Chinese restaurant. Also a video about THE way to position your restaurant on the number one spot on Tripadvisor.

Into China’s First Artificial Intelligence hot pot restaurant

The Chinese restaurant chain Ha di lao, famous for its special service and spicy soups, recently opened their first AI (Artificial Intelligence) restaurant in Bejing. In the video shown above, you can see multiple robots driving through the restaurant with orders for their guests. The video also shows that the robots are still a bit unstable and that the service isn’t very quick yet. At the moment, the technique doesn’t seem to be able to completely take over all human tasks, but what will happen as the technique develops further? Will this restaurant resemble the future of our restaurants? To be honest, I don’t see myself eating here but the development of the technology is really interesting to follow!

Video length: 1:50 minutes
YouToube channel: South China Morning Post
Date of publication: 5-11-2018

The football player who eats bugs for dinner

Protein is an important nutrient source for a natural muscle recovery. Especially for fanatic athletes. That is why it is important to eat the right amounts of it. Protein can be found in several products like: vegetables, red meat, chicken, dairy, but also in bugs.

In this video, a Canadian football player shows that despite his enormous amount of muscle mass and many training hours, he is able to maintain his protein intake by eating dried caterpillars. 100 grams of dried caterpillars does represent 53 grams of protein. I have always been interested in different sport diets and the use of bugs in them. Despite its proven to be healthy, I don’t think I would reject a piece of chicken breast for a bowl of spaghetti meatballs with dried caterpillars, although it looks delicious!

Video length: 5.53 minutes
YouTube channel: Vice Sports
Date of publication: 07-11-2018

How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant

Tripadvisor is for many people one of the most important sources when choosing a restaurant. But is it actually the reliable source we believe it is?

In this clip, Oobah Butler, a writer from Vice shows us how he, in 8 months’ time, made the entire world believe that his old shed was ‘THE new culinary hotspot in London’. The phone didn’t stop ringing from the moment he entered the top-100 restaurants and many celebrities tried to book a table in a restaurant that didn’t actually exist. Even after his first diner, in which he microwaved some cheap supermarket food, the guests loved the place. You could say that Oobah missed his career in marketing!

Although a somewhat older video, which has already been seen by many people, the conviction and humor with which Oobah shows how easy it’s to fool people, it’s interesting to see! Apart from the fact that the video is funny to watch, it also shows the importance of creating a sense of exclusiveness around your restaurant.

Video length: 18:20 minutes
YouTube channel: Vice
Date of publication: 22-01-2018

Bron: Mike Adam

Website: Van Spronsen & Partners

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