Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 15


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of videos based upon April fools jokes which Demi Poppe thinks are worth it to watch.

This week a couple of April fools jokes in the hospitality & leisure world. Amongst them a video of the Dutch amusement park, Duinrell. They launched the Hyperkik, a hyperloop system with which you can visit more than forty attractions within one hour!  A similar joke was the MULTIcoaster from Thyssenkrupp, but this was more a kind of elevator. And the cutest Starbucks video ever, for April fools day they introduced Pupbucks, a Starbucks branch for dogs!

April fools jokes 2019 | The Hyperkik by amusement park Duinrell

On 1 April amusement park Duinrell in the Netherlands shared that from April 2020, this park will launch a Hyperkik in collaboration with TU Delft and Delfy Hyperloop. With this Hyperkik, all 40 attractions are connected underground by means of a Hyperloop system. You get in immediately at the parking lot, skip the queues and get into the Falcon, Kikkerachtbaan or Rodelbaan. Within one hour you have been to more than forty attractions and you are back at the parking lot! This of course remains a joke but I think everyone secretly dreams about this possibility in the future. 😉

Duration: 01:50

Channel: Duinrell

Date: 28-3-2019

April fool jokes 2019 | The MULTIcoaster by Thyssenkrupp

Thyssenkrupp, one of the largest technology companies in the field of lifts and escalators, is launching the MULTIcoaster. The world’s first non-rolling rollercoaster that uses maglev technology to move not only vertically and straight, but also sideways. This roller coaster will guarantee ‘amusement park’ fun between different office buildings, wouldn’t it be great to go to work like this?

Duration: 00:36

Channel: Thyssenkurp

Date: 01-04-2019

You think that the rollercoaster game is over? You think that there are no more theme park innovations? Better think twice: thyssenkrupp proudly presents #MULTIcoaster – the first rollercoaster that uses maglev technology! Read the exclusive interview with our Chief Engineer Ela: https://fcld.ly/introducing-multicoaster

Geplaatst door thyssenkrupp op Maandag 1 april 2019

April fools jokes 2019 | Pupbucks by Starbucks

At April 1 Starbucks announced that they will open a Pupbucks, a brand new breed of Starbucks stores! They want to do what they do for humans, make dogs happy and brighten their day a little and of course provide them with free Wi-Fi. 😉 Just to let you know on the second of April this video reached almost 3 million people on Facebook, I am probably not the only one who is stunned by this!

Duration: 01:00

Channel: Starbucks

Date: 01-04-2019


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