Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 14


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of videos which Demi Poppe thinks are worth it to watch.

This week a video about 2 chefs who are answering questions around cooking that have been asked via Twitter. A great idea for chefs: just answer one or two questions a week from your fans on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It might engage your audience! And a video about which egg makes the best scrambled egg, either quail, duck, chicken or ostrich egg? The winner might surprise you! And a video about a water sommelier, Demi had never heard of a water sommelier? Did you?  

Chef support

Brad leone and Claire Saffitz are using the power of Twitter to answer some frequently asked questions about cooking. It is very interesting to see how they share their knowledge with the internet in order to answer questions about among other things recipes, cooking times and tricks to make preparations faster. I definitely recommend you to watch this video to further expand your knowledge and who knows there may be something you have always wondered about and have now found your answer to! I also think that restaurant owners or chefs could just simply use the same technique, why not answer a couple of questions from your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram fans? Even one question per week or month, could engage your fans!

Duration: 14:06

Channel: WIRED

Date:  07-3-2019

Water sommelier

Did you ever heard of a water sommelier? Not me although I found out that you can even follow classes in Netherlands to become a water sommelier! In this video water sommelier Martin Riese is telling his story. He is part of a very small pool of water sommeliers around the world who have turned their passion into their profession. In the video you can see, among other things, how they judge the different types of water at a ‘water competition’ and they give an insight in at which points the water is actually assessed on.

Duration: 11:41

Channel: National Geographic

Date:  17-3-2019


Which egg makes the best scrambled eggs?

In this video eggs from quail, chickens, ducks and even ostriches are used to see which egg makes the best / tastiest scrambled eggs. They first tasted the scrambled eggs from quail egg which is slightly yellower in color. According to the test panel, this egg has a soft taste as if it was mixed with butter. The duck egg is slightly larger than normal and has less color. According to the test panel, it tastes great and feels smooth. The ostrich scrambled eggs are very yellow. The opinions of the test panel are very divided about this. One does not like the texture while another likes the taste. I don’t think I have to give an explanation about the chicken egg…
Curious who wins? Then take a quick look at this video and who knows, from now on, you will ignore the chicken eggs in the supermarket for another egg!

Duration: 06:10

Channel: BuzzFeedVideo

Date: 12-8-2018



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