Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 12


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of videos which Demi Poppe thinks are worth it to watch.

This week a video about an ice cream seller who is fooling his customers. As we love to indicate: humor does sell! Also a video about the influence of Millennials on wine usage and finally, a video about ‘Egg bread’, street food from Korea which does look delicious and mouthwatering!

Pranking your customers | Humor as marketing gimmick

Although a video from 2014, I loved to watch the tricks by this ice cream seller and more than 2 million viewers as well! In this short film you can see how a Turkish ice cream seller is fooling his customers. Judging by the reactions, the crowd and the person who tries to buy an ice cream are enjoying the jokes. I am sure that customers will talk about “that one ice cream seller” for a long time to come. Humor sells, the tricks by this ice cream seller are an inspiration for other ice cream shops! Do you know an ice cream seller who uses humor to sell his ice cream? We lover to hear it via tip@spronsen.com and share it with our readers.

Duration: 1:16

Channel: JukinVideo

Date: 4 January 2014

The influence of millennials on wine in the USA

This video shows how the millennials are changing the wine industry. In 2015, millennials drank 42% of all wine consumed in the US. This prompted winemakers to meet them in their territory – online. And the way wine is being packaged has changed too. Many millennials love to drink wine but prefer to drink at home and buy bottles as cheap as possible. There are also some nice gadgets to be found in this video. What I noticed in particular was the glass that aerates the wine within the glass itself. Fine dining lovers also wrote about this glass, back in 2014, very handy!

Duration: 02:15

Channel: Business Insider

Date: 12 March 2019

Korean street | ‘Egg bread’

The last video shows the ‘Egg bread’ which is sold on the streets in Korea. It seems to be easy to make this bread (if you have the right equipment) and it looks delicious. Might be a great breakfast option for festivals!

Duration: 03:07

Channel: Soon Films

Date:  4 March 2019


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