Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 1


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends the past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week the latest selection of videos which Mike Adam thinks are cool to watch. Amongst them a video about a genetically manipulated Brazilian Angus calf’s to meet the changing demand for great steaks in Brazil, a video about the ‘test-tube steak’ and a video about the recently opened InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel in an abandoned quarry underground.

 This gene-edited calf could transform Brazil’s beef industry

The meat market in Brazil is rapidly changing. The meat consumption was already large, but mostly consisted of cheaper and lower quality beef. The demand for more luxurious beef from more expensive races like the Angus remained minimal. But the demand for more expensive meat like for example Angus meat is slowly changing, partly because of the economic growth of the country. In order to take maximum advantage of this development, scientist genetically manipulated the DNA of an Angus calf in order to make it more resistant to heat. This way they hope to be able to grow the Angus race in Brazil as they do in the original climate in Scotland.

In the video above, they explain why they test the manipulation, how they do this and what the future of this development might look like. I really liked this video because I believe that it is ethically very interesting and this development will stimulate meat consumption in a non-sustainable way.

Duration: 9:17

Channel: Wall Street Journal

Date: 4-10-2018

How does a test-tube steak taste?

This video shows a sustainable way to develop meat the future. It explains how meat can almost exactly be copied without having to kill an animal. All is based on the development of creating meat of stem cells of animals. The video shows an example of a product that already has an identical taste like the original product and an example of a product that already has an almost identical texture as an original steak. It’s supposed to be just a matter of time to develop a product that has an identical texture and taste, like for example a steak!

A very interesting video because it shows what we’re already capable of creating and what the future steps should be regarding rules and regulations. It seems like quite the opposite to the development in the first video and much, much more sustainable. I am really interested what will get the upper hand the coming years!

Duration: 9:54

Channel: Wall Street Journal

Date: 11-12-2018

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel | After many ups-and-downs finally opened

Back in 2012 we already posted an article about the start of the building of the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel. This hotel was meant to open around 2014 or 2015 back then. But they encountered more than 60 technical problems since the start of the building which is why the opening was postponed several times. At the 20th of November, the hotel finally opened. The hotel is situated mostly underground, in a former quarry.

The video shows how unique the location is and how beautiful the design of the hotel finally got.

Duration: 1:19

Channel: South China Morning Post

Date: 16-11-2018


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