Hop In The Spa, soaking and relaxing in beer


Hop In The Spa is the first and only spa in Oregon to bring the benefits of beer inspired ingredients, minerals, and proprietary additives into cedar soaking tubs. Benefits of a spa with hop include improving skin tone, reducing stress, and detoxification, all while enjoying a pint of beer.

Hop In The Spa in Sisters, Oregon

Beer drinkers will be able to immerse themselves in hop-infused spa treatments, a so called bath brew. The Hop in the Spa focuses on beer as the primary ingredient to many of its treatments. Examples of available treatments are the “Microbrew Soaks” – Minerals, hops and proprietary ingredients are added to the microbrew baths. All of this will lead to clearer skin and an improved immune system. Or “Hops On The Body” – The body will be enclosed in warmed linen sheets that have been steeped in an aromatic blend of herbs and hops to release toxins and ease tension.

The announcement of Hop In The Spa’s opening did set off a storm of interest online. The Hop In The Spa co-founder and ‘Chief Hoptimistic Officer’ Mike Boyle is very happy about the online attention. He even tells in an interview that they’re booked three months in advance now and that they already leased a second facility.


We like the idea of relaxing and soaking in a bath, even of beer. Hopefully one of our Wellness resorts will contact with Hop In The Spa and we will be able to experience this hoppy spa treatments  in the Netherlands as well.

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Website: Hop In The Spa

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