HOP Academy for the staff from restaurant The Old Police Station


Because it is increasingly difficult to get skilled staff, Restaurant The Old Police Station organized a one day HOP Academy for the staff. At this mostly educational day the employees gained knowledge in several areas. A great way to teach your staff the basic knowledge in a way that they communicate the right information to your guests.

Good staff isn’t easy to find anymore

The stories about how difficult it is to recruit talented staff are known by a lot of hospitality entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Younger employees in the hospitality industry are cheap and flexible but they often lack experience and important hospitality expertise. Therefore, restaurant The Old Police Station in Ede organized a one-day HOP academy for the staff. Owner Edwin van den Oever: “We noticed that the amount of well-trained hospitality employees has decreased last years. However, instead of grumbling we decided to seek for a solution and we came up with the idea of the HOP Academy”.

HOP Academy

In cooperation with suppliers the daytime program was drafted in a way that the staff learned the basic knowledge that is used in the restaurant. Therefore, the whole day was based on the methods of working in and the hospitality at ‘Het oude Politiebureau’. After Edwin van den Oever opened the day, several workshops were organized. A lot of suppliers were able to join the Academy. “The suppliers reacted positively and enthusiastic when we asked them to join the program. Although it was a Sunday, they were all there to provide us new information”, says Edwin.

The first part of the program was mostly theoretical. Therefore the staff was getting trained in etiquette, hospitality and ‘organising the kitchen’ in the morning. Besides that, a barista training was given by Peeze coffee. In the afternoon it was time for workshops from Bavaria (draught beers), La Trappe (craft beers) and Kwast Wijnkopers. The staff was able to taste the wines of the recently launched new menu of the restaurant. At the end of the day there was a dinner for everyone with dishes from the new menu as well.

Creative way

‘Het oude Politiebureau’ shows how to creatively train your staff in one single day. All of the suppliers were enthusiastic and interested to collaborate in a workshop. Maybe we will see some other Academies in the future. Edwin: “Of course it is a small investment in your staff. However, in the end it are the results that count. It pays off in better skills and a higher guest experience. Besides that it’s also good for the team spirit and it creates more understanding between colleagues”.

According to us: a great example that asks for a good copy in more restaurants and hotels!

Website: The Old Police Station

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