Holy Guacamole Day | Tacos with Avocado at Taqueria Lima West


Tacos with avocado, a ‘Cry of Dolores’ bell and even a ‘Cut Out Avocado’ photobooth, this Saturday (16 September) Taqueria LIMA West celebrates ‘Holy Guacamole Day’. With great love for the Mexican cuisine, LIMA’s chefs present their tacos with high-level guacamole in a street food way. You can find the Taqueria LIMA West in the ‘Foodhallen’ in Amsterdam West.

Taste the ‘Holy Guacamole Day’ Specials

Words that pop up in your mind when you think of tacos: cheese, beans, garlic and hot peppers but nothing is less true at LIMA. Their chefs go for fresh and light tacos, with taste being the most important starting point. Each ingredient has its own role and gets the chance to be present in their tacos, burritos and pastiche. You’ll eat your taco in an interior with coarse wooden elements, colorful pans and fresh pepper plants to emphasize Mexico’s street life.

Taste one or all of the three ‘Holy Guacamole Day’ specials: Taco with sour lime cream avocado and smoked chipotle (V), Taco with sliced avocado, lime cream, grilled chicken & salsa and Tortilla chips with spicy lemon avocado. The last one is, according to its creators, absolutely ‘The most holy guacamole you’ve ever tasted!’.

Mexicans are fan

Taqueria LIMA West is open 7 days a week from 11:00 am in the morning until at least 22:00 pm in the evening. The taqueria is successful, even Mexican tourists visit LIMA when they are in Amsterdam. LIMA’S pride: The Taco Al Pastor, meat from a big meat pit topped with pineapples that adds extra freshness to the taste of the taco Al Pastor.

Website: Taqueria Lima West

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