The Holland Food Valley house


Thursday 26 February, the ‘Night of the Gelderland economy‘ will take place. Gelderland is located in the Netherlands. During this event, visitors can get acquainted with innovative products and ingredients. In the Holland Food Valley house guests can learn more about sport’s bread, European quinoa, Beeter and “Low-Cal” ice cream.

The house

This house is organized by Food Valley NL in collaboration with InnoSportLab Papendal , the top restaurant of Sports Center Papendal and some companies in Gelderland. In the Holland Food Valley house Erik te Velthuis, chef of the Topsport restaurant at Papendal shows sporty dishes based on innovative products and ingredients. Visitors can discover food innovations from Gelderland and start a conversation with the entrepreneurs behind these innovations.

Inspiration from the Holland Food Valley house


Energy efficient terrace

Holland Food Valley house is in the Innovation Garden, centrally located on the property. There is a heated, low-energy terrace in front of the house. Only when visitors sit on their cushions from Sit & Heat they will become warm, this to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Live e-Cooking

E-Cooking by IXL Netherlands, is a new, energy-efficient method to prepare tasteful dishes quickly. This method uses electrical pulses.

European quinoa

This whole wheat, saponin free quinoa was developed through conventional breeding by the University of Wageningen and has no bitter taste. These quinoa is cultivated by farmers in Northwest Europe. GreenFood50


The meat substitute Beeter is one hundred percent vegetable and has the “bite” of high-quality chicken meat. Like chicken Beeter can be used in all kinds of dishes, including salads and snacks. We wrote about Beeter in 2011.

Sports Bread

This bread from Sportgrain is the first bread product with sport-specific characteristics. The combination of farina and fruit provides an optimal mix of fast and slow carbohydrates. The bread is rich in fibers and sugars from fruits.

Creamy “Low-Cal ‘ice

The ice cream from NIZO tastes creamy, contains virtually no fat and 25% less sugar than just ice cream. We wrote about ‘Low-Cal’ ice-cream before.

Bron: Food Valley

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