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Although certainly no longer a new trend, it remains interesting that we regularly see collaborations between hotels and hotel chains and running organizations and apps. And sometimes the technical adjustment in the app is inspiring. We can imagine that a voice-activated running app works!

This time Hilton has entered into an exclusive partnership with the voice-activated running app RunGo. Three tailor-made routes have been created for 7 hotels in the Netherlands with the themes running, sightseeing and mindfulness. For hotel guests, the routes are ideal for discovering the nearest sights and keeping fit. Residents of all the Hilton hotels can also enjoy the routes!

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Hilton offers running routes and themed runs with GPS art

The clear voice navigation allows the user to train and enjoy the sights in the area at the same time, without having to check the route on the phone all the time. Each route is centered around one of the hotels. Once connected to the RunGo app, runners can choose from different routes: accessible routes of a few kilometres, longer sightseeing tours or sporty challenging courses. In some neighbourhoods, it is possible to run the ‘Runbrandt’ running art routes. This GPS artist designs and runs routes that represent a particular animal. At Hilton Amsterdam, for example, there is a route in the shape of a fox.

This RunGo app is useful for preparing marathons

The app is interesting for marathon enthusiasts as well. They can run preparation routes from, for example, the Amsterdam Marathon on October 17 and the Rotterdam Marathon on October 23. These pre-race run routes are located on the last five kilometers of the course and the app provides important insights into your performance.

Outdoor activities more popular

Erwin Hoogte, vice president of operations, Continental Europe Hilton: “We are always looking for new ways to improve our guests’ stay. Now that outdoor activities are more popular than ever, we are excited to introduce customized guided running routes to our guests.”

Explore the environment and stay fit

Noah Bloom, Head of Partnerships at RunGo is also enthusiastic about the collaboration. “We are thrilled to partner with an international brand like Hilton. It’s great that hotel guests can explore their surroundings and keep fit at the same time. Walking, jogging and running outdoors is the perfect way to get to know a city. When developing the routes, we ensured that there are options for all abilities and interests. We offer routes from three to nine kilometres or more and themed runs that focus on sightseeing, mindfulness, GPS art and fitness. Due to the corona measures and the restrictions that closed gyms and other indoor sports facilities, running has grown in popularity all over the world. With domestic and international travel now allowed, travellers can also enjoy their passion for outdoor running abroad”.

Hilton and RunGo guided running routes are available at the following hotels: Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam; Hilton Amsterdam; Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; Hilton Rotterdam; Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam/Arena; DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station; DoubleTree by Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen.

View all routes in the rungoapp/hilton in your browser or type hilton.rungoapp.com. in your browser.

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