Hawaiian Shave Ice


  • Shave Ice

Spring officially started last week and we’ve already had a few days of sunshine. Hopefully the start of a sunny summer period. Summer also means… ICE CREAM! What can we expect this summer as it comes to ice cream? We have seen a lot of videos about the Hawaiian Shave Ice which is basically nothing more than shaved ice!

Shave Ice trend 2017?

Shave Ice is especially popular in tropical regions like the Caribbean, Suriname, the United States and of course in Hawaii itself. We have spotted the product in the Netherlands as well! Will shave ice going to be just as big in 2017 as it currently is on the internet?

How to make it?

Shave ice comes from a single large block or ice cubes and is can be scraped with the aid of an ice shaver of scrape ice machine. The shaved iced, which looks like a snow cone, is collected in a plastic cup, glass or conical paper. At last, flavoured syrups are added to the ice, which are absorbed by the ice instead of surrounding it. The syrups can be found in different flavors and colors.

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