Hawaiian Poké Bowl opens branch in Antwerp Tower


  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur
  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur
  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur
  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur
  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur
  • Hawaiian Poké Bowl Antwerp Tower credits Marie Monsieur

Hawaiian Poké Bowl is opening their 20th location in Belgium in the foodstreet of the brand new Antwerp Tower. To celebrate that twentieth poké location in just three years as it should be, this will be the flagship store of the healthy restaurant chain. The imperial location for that milestone is the busy Keyserlei. As one of the fastest growing players within healthy casual food concepts, here for the price of one bowl you not only get a healthy, fresh and nutritious meal, but also a vacation feeling!

The organization behind Hawaiian Poké Bowl has plans for 20 branches in the Netherlands in the next 3 years. And they are developing sustainable packaging for their take-out and delivery. 

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Exclusive location in Antwerp Tower for Hawaiian Poké Bowl

The chance that you have never heard of Hawaiian Poké Bowl since 2018 is extremely small. An originally Hawaiian bowl with rice, quinoa or lettuce as its base, topped with tasty marinated salmon, tofu or chicken and a rich choice of toppings as the finishing touch in a tropical vacation setting; that’s all owners Mattijs Hermans, Albano Gozhina and Ash Shah needed to claim their place in the healthy food world since 2018.

Three years and some 10,000 poké bowls a day later, that success has already made it time for a twentieth location. This will be their largest location and therefore the flagship store of the healthy pleasure chain. It goes without saying that an occasion like this cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed, and the new, exclusive location certainly makes sure of that. At the end of December the poké chain will set up shop in the food street on the ground floor of the brand-new Antwerp Tower.

From there Hawaiian Poké Bowl hopes to tempt even more foodies to have a quick and healthy meal instead of unhealthy fast food. In the foodstreet on the Keyserlei it will be one of the seven global food and drink establishments. Fun detail: the first branch Hermans, Gozhina and Shah ever opened in 2018 was also one in Antwerp. This brings them nicely into the circle of the first twenty. Although the twentieth establishment will certainly not be the last.

Tropical flavors, tropical Keyserlei

Thanks to this new food acquisition, from the end of December the Keyserlei will be just a tad more tropical than usual. The interior of Hawaiian Poké Bowl locations usually looks like you’re walking into a vacation setting, and the Antwerp Tower is no different. Think bright neon lighting, an impressive plant wall and wooden bowls that make you feel like you’re in Hawaii itself. Large screens or ‘kiosks’ allow you to place your order quickly and easily.

What’s in a bowl?  

The ultimate Hawaiian bowl consists of fresher than fresh ingredients. The basis? Sushi rice, quinoa, or salad. On top of that come 5 mix-ins like mango, edamame, red onions, sweet potato or corn. As the third element, you taste proteins where fish and meat lovers as well as veggies have a wide choice. From a mild sesame dressing to a slightly spicier sriracha mayo, the dressing is the penultimate ingredient of a bowl. Finish by adding toppings of your choice.

The menu shows off predefined house favorites such as spicy or sweet chicken, salmon style, mighty steak, let’s tofu or classic tuna. Feel like putting together your own vacation trip? Then start with a base and finish with toppings of your choice.

In-house production and competitive prices

Hawaiian Poké Bowl takes care of their own production in a 1500m2 central kitchen: fresh fish is delivered to their own workshops, filleted and prepared for the various branches, where everything is delivered early in the morning. In this way, quality and taste sensations are closely monitored. This vertical integration from sourcing to the end consumer also ensures that the poké bowls can be offered at low prices.

In cooperation with Green Park Investment Partners

On Thursday, June 10, 2021 Hawaiian Poké Bowl and Green Park Investment Partners sealed their partnership. The founders immediately had a click with Green Park, and with this partnership they bring on board a hands-on financial and strategic partner with extensive experience in accelerating the scaling of organizations. Green Park also brings knowledge of the Dutch market, which will be used to start up Hawaiian Poké Bowl in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, there is also a branch in Tilburg.

Huge growth during lockdown for Hawaiian Poké Bowl

Hawaiian Poké Bowl has already experienced huge growth in recent years: started in 2018, with 4 branches before Corona, they opened as many as ten new branches during Corona lockdown, and are now on their 20th branch. Over the next three years, Hawaiian Poké Bowl plans to go up to 35 branches in Belgium (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels), and 20 branches in the Netherlands.

Hawaiian Poké Bowl retains full control over its locations and consciously chooses not to work with franchises.

Website: Hawaiian Poké Bowl

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