Hanoi House in New York | Here they serve egg coffee


You might think, the combination of egg’s in coffee will not be tasteful at all, but Vietnam locals are drinking it for decades. The texture of the egg yolk is perfect to make a great creamy foam layer. In 2013, a couple brought it to Manhattan in New York, where they opened their own Vietnamese café named Hanoi House. Until now it is the only place in Manhattan where you can get this delicious egg coffee.

Egg coffee | Café Giang

Coffee was introduced in Vietnam in the 19th century by the French. Since the dark roasted coffee was not very popular amongst the Vietnamese, they were looking for a product to sweeten the taste. Since milk was scarce, a bartender in Hanoi somewhere around the 1940s, decided to mix an egg into his coffee. This seemed so tasteful that he decided to open Café Giang to introduce cà phê trúng, better known as egg coffee. In 2013, Sara Leveen and Ben Lowell, both alums of Stephen Starr’s STARR Restaurants, travelled to Vietnam, loved the Vietnamese food and decided to bring it to Manhattan. In the US they call this recipe sometimes liquid tiramisu. If you would like to enjoy a typical egg coffee but do not have time to fly all the way to Vietnam or New York, here is a video explaining the recipe step by step.

January 2018 we spotted some more recipes for Egg Coffee in this article at Home Grounds. We wonder when we will be able to taste the Egg Coffee here in the Netherlands!

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