Halal Fried Chicken | Advertising during the Ramadan


A special action by Halal Fried Chicken, the company advertises with special posters during the Ramadan. The posters are part of their advertisement campaign and can be found in various bus shelters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The fun thing about the posters is that only the logo and name of the company are shown during the day. The rest of the advertisement is only visible as the sun sets. A great example of effective advertising during the Ramadan.

Advertising during the Ramadan

Halal Fried Chicken claims to be the first Halal fast food restaurant in the Netherlands. The first restaurant opened in 2014 in Amsterdam, three years later the restaurant already has four establishments. The company sells amongst others various halal burgers (chicken burger, beef burger and cheeseburger), halal chicken pieces, tender strips, nuggets, hotwings, and chicken wraps. Sounds delicious, but being confronted with all these tasty dishes during the Ramadan isn’t always fun.

In cooperation with an advertisement company from Amsterdam (Etcetera) they came up with the idea of installing special posters in bus shelters during the Ramadan. During the day, nothing more than their company name is being shown, after the sun sets pictures of their dishes appear.

Check out the video to see the ad, a fun marketing stunt with a great end result.

Bron: De Telegraaf

Website: Halal Fried Chicken

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