Guinness Storehouse | Not a selfie but a ‘STOUTie’


  • The STOUTie at the Guinness StorehouseThe STOUTie at the Guinness Storehouse
  • The STOUTie at the Guinness StorehouseThe STOUTie at the Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse introduced ‘The Guinness STOUTie’, the ultimate way to make your pint your own. Launched at November 1st to mark International Stout Day, a worldwide celebration of the iconic beer style. Visitors to the Guinness Storehouse will experience The STOUTie, a picture perfect pint featuring a selfie on the head of the iconic black and white stout.

International Stout Day

The launch of The STOUTie at the Guinness Storehouse coincides with the return of International Stout Festival, a unique four-day beer experience taking place from Thursday 1st November until Sunday 4th November. As well as being among the first to get their STOUTie, visitors will also be treated to a special line-up to celebrate all things stout. These feature diverse and colourful beer experiences, stout inspired menus, complimentary food pairings and tastings of its much-loved stout beers. The Guinness brewers will also reveal a limited-edition, celebratory new stout, which will be available at St. James’s Gate Brewery throughout the festival.


Speaking about the Guinness STOUTie, Stephen Kilcullen, Head of Quality & Master Brewer said, “Here at the home of Guinness we are at the heart of innovation and experimentation. Guinness Draught was the first beer to use nitrogen and we are really proud to introduce The STOUTie today, as another exclusive way to enjoy our market leading beer. The nitrogen bubbles are tiny and, because of this, they form beautiful layers of creamy smoothness, creating a long-lasting head and resulting in the distinctive cascade of millions of bubbles now known as the ‘surge and settle’. The iconic creamy head of Guinness is the perfect canvas for The STOUTie and where else would you get this perfect pint experience other than at the Guinness Storehouse?”


STOUTies are made possible by the Ripples technology, which combines patented 3D printer mechanics with Ink-Jet printing. The images are printed using natural malt extract.

Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples, expands; “Ripples is known for offering brands the possibility to create unique, personalised consumer experiences by printing image or photo content onto foam-topped beverages. We are thrilled to partner with Guinness for The STOUTie launch – exciting beer lovers by making their beverage unique. Together, we are creating ripples of enjoyment at the home of Guinness in Dublin.”

Exclusively available at the Guinness Storehouse, visitors can purchase a STOUTie for €6.00. Open from 9.30am – 7.00pm (last admission 5pm), the special International Stout Festival program is included in the general admission price. To purchase tickets and for further details of The Guinness Storehouse International Stout Festival visit

Website: Guinness Storehouse

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