Greyhound café | Is launching their terrace with a splash


On April 12th, Greyhound Café, the first London outpost of the cult Thai restaurant, will launch their outdoor terrace just in time to celebrate Thai New Year. Traditionally marked with a water festival, Greyhound will be bringing the custom to London with a splash, celebrating with a week of non-stop revelry complete with specially created sharing dishes, festival cocktail buckets, and even a water pistol or two. The Greyhound Café is a modern Bangkok cafe in London’s Fitzrovia, serving Thai street food with modern twists.

Greyhound café | Celebrates the Songkran festival

The Songkran Festival is a national holiday in Thailand, this year celebrated from 12 April to the 16th of April. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. To celebrate this festival, street parties spring up across Thailand, with revelers dousing one another in water to bring good fortune. Greyhound Café will be getting London involved in the festivities by handing out marigold garlands and water guns to those willing to join in the fun on the terrace.

Greyhound’s expansive terrace will be transformed with swathes of traditional yellow Thai marigolds and technicolour bunting. Reminiscent of Thailand’s legendary full moon parties, Greyhound’s Full Moon on Mekhong cocktail will be served in buckets with water pistols and marigold garlands, made with Thai rum, lime and chilli for a hot tingling sensation.

Alongside Greyhound’s signature menu of Thai dishes with a twist, there will also be two new specials created for the festival. Designed to replicate the sand pagodas constructed by Thais at temple during New Year, ‘Pork Ribs with Kapi Rice Pagoda’ comprises shrimp paste spiked fried rice, soy caramelised pork ribs, powdered dried shrimp, green mangoes and shredded omelette. There will also be a ‘Lobster Broken Platoon’; a flame-filled tangy and spicy lobster and seafood hot pot, best washed down with an ice-cold beer, as the evenings grow longer. The Water Festival will take place from 12th-19th April, with the special menu available until 29th April.

Website: Greyhound Café 

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