Green juice gummy bears | Made from green juices


You must have eaten them before: gummy bears, candies in different colors, flavors and sizes. Now there’re also green juice gummy bears available on the market. Consuming one portion of these green juice gummy bears provide you with 20% of your daily needed amount of vitamins. We think that these gummy bears can be a great asset to sell at juice bars, health-food stores, vitamin stores, as welcome gift upon arrival in a hotel room or as goodnight sweet at the pillow.

Green juice gummy bears

On last year’s April Fool’s day, Sugarfina, a luxurious candy shop in the United States came up with the green juice gummy bears. Because of the big interest in the gummy bears, Sugarfina decided to collaborate with the company Pressed Juicery to design the candies that are now available on the market.

The gummy bears are made out of spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, algae and turmeric and don’t contain any fats or glutes. The bears are available in both mama and baby bear sizes and are packed in signature Pressed Juicery bottles. Both Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery will sell the bears in select stores across the United States, and they will also be available online. The concept made us think of the Dutch company Vinoos that sells the Real Wine Gum, gum made from wine.

Bron: Pressed Juicery  

Website: Sugarfina

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