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Cal Blay Vinticinc is located in a modernist winery from 1905 in the cava city Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and is showing us some great small hospitable gestures.

One of those days

At the end of our 2 weeks holiday in Barcelona, we brought one of our guests to the airport and decided to go to nearby Sant Sadurni d’Anoia to buy some cava to take home. And we had to lunch of course but didn’t check for an address… We ended up at the Cal Blay Vinticinc. It was one of those days you just stop at the right address…..

Entering the restaurant to check whether they had a table available they handed us a glass of cava before they went to find out. Wise, because we walked around in their shop while sipping cava…

Small hospitable gesture 1: pica-pica menu and tins

How often do you have problems choosing from the menu? With the Spanish tapas it’s already much easier to choose but Cal Blay offers a pica-pica menu; a couple of starters (snacks) to share with the table. Serving the tartare dishes in small tins. You can choose your own main course and dessert.

Small hospitable gesture 2: the game of the aromas of cava

Cal Blay presents a wide range of wines and cavas from Sant Sadurní d’Anoia to taste (120). The restaurant is all about the culture of wine and cava. Cal Blay tries to involve you in its pursuit of pleasure, combining the knowledge of traditional and new culinary trends. They invite you to play the game of the aromas of cava. At the table you will find 4 senses and instructions how to play the game.

Small hospitable gesture 3: wash your hands in cava

At the end of your dinner you will receive a bowl of hot water scented with cava and towel tablets.

Small hospitable gesture 4: invite your guests to share pictures on social media

Already in the wine store they invite you to use the ‘Photocall del cava’ to take photos in front of a cava wall while holding cava cushions. Which was used frequently by the young visitors of the restaurant.

Website: Cal Blay Vinticinc

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