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The Goût de(/Good) France culinary event is back, for its 6th edition! From October 14 to 22, 2021, chefs from around the world will be serving dinners “à la française” as an ode to French cuisine. In previous editions, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Provence took center stage, but this time the cultural and culinary heritage of the Centre-Val de Loire region is on the menu, with a sustainable sauce.

Goût de France is an initiative of the well-known French chef Alain Ducasse and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is initiated by Explore France and the 2 Michelin star chef Christophe Hay from the Vendôme is their ambassador this year. Interesting to read about his initiatives to put freshwater fish from the Loire back on the menu and his permaculture vegetable garden.

Gastronomy of the future | Green and solidarity

The Goût de France event is committed to the transition to sustainable and responsible cuisine and supports today’s chefs who are able to conjure tomorrow’s gastronomy on the table. It is important to make future generations aware of the inestimable value of the earth and its riches. And that starts on your plate.

 Centre-Val de Loire

This year, the unique and diverse heritage of France’s Centre-Val de Loire region is being celebrated. The cuisine there is an ode to the fertile soil, forests and rivers that the region is rich in. Moreover, you will find a wonderful ‘art de vivre’ in this region that manages to seduce many tourists.

The gastronomy of the region is inextricably linked to the local cultural festival Les Nouvelles Renaissances, with which Goût de/Good France is working closely this year. For example, several events are planned with key players from gastronomy and viticulture in the Loire Valley to raise awareness of a local, sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Local products and producers, green restaurants, waste reduction and knowledge transfer cannot be missed.

 Christophe Hay | Committed chef and ambassador Goût de France

Christophe Hay is this year’s ambassador for the Goût de/Good France event, but who is this exceptional chef and champion of sustainable gastronomy from Vendôme? He takes his inspiration from the landscape: “When I think of my Val de Loire, I think of rivers and lakes, forests, fields, vegetable gardens, castles, farms, vineyards and wild flora and fauna,” says Hay. He works with local producers every day and follows the seasons to compose his dishes. Not only that, but he even goes one step further to promote the regional riches: he makes an effort to put freshwater fish from the Loire back on the menu, he has a permaculture vegetable garden where he grows the herbs and vegetables for his dishes and has also dedicated himself to on the cultivation of so-called forgotten vegetables in collaboration with the seed bank from the Centre-Val de Loire region. Furthermore, he also finds it very important to share his know-how with younger generations. Thanks to his unbridled commitment to ethical and sustainable cuisine, the restaurant guide Gault&Millau has voted him “Chef of the Year 2021”.

Website: Goût de France / Good France

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