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  • World Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good FishWorld Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good Fish
  • World Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good FishWorld Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good Fish
  • World Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good FishWorld Oceans Day deal Vermaat & Good Fish

World Oceans Day was on June 8, and it is an indisputable fact that healthy oceans are important to us. Almost 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water. The sea is the largest ecosystem in the world. Billions of people depend on it for C02, food, work, oxygen, tourism and so on. As important as it is, we, people from the Netherlands, continue to eat too much fish that was brought to us due to overfishing. But at the Vermaat Groep, things are changing. In partnership with Good Fish, they are going to ensure that fish that is overfished, endangered, illegally caught or cultivated is no longer available in their 400 restaurants.

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World Oceans Deal | Impact under water

Good Fish and the Vermaat Group signed a World Oceans Deal to make an impact for healthy oceans, on June 8. A deal that is not about money, but about the impact under water. Good Fish is the publisher of the Dutch VISwijzer. The VISwijzer uses colour codes to give advice on which fish has been caught or farmed sustainably. The score RED is ‘not sustainable’ and the advice is to avoid these fishes. The Vermaat Group will remove all fish with a RED score from its range before the end of 2022. A unique and important achievement for the Vermaat Group, says Margreet van Vilsteren (Director Good Fish). Research by environmental organisation Good Fish shows that almost 90% of Dutch restaurants and fish shops sell fish that are overfished. The Vermaat Group has about 400 restaurants with fish on their menus. With this partnership there is real movement in the food service! The Vermaat Group is active in hospitals, airports and corporate catering, but also in top restaurants such as the Rijks and Wils.

Good Fish | Go for green, don’t go for red!

The Vermaat Group’s entire fish range is about to change. Eels, prawns and certain types of tuna will no longer be on the menu. Chefs will be included in this transition through workshops on sustainable fish and they will be offered good alternatives such as vannamei shrimps instead of black tiger shrimps. Good Fish supports the Vermaat Group and its chefs by giving advice and looking for good alternatives. There certainly are alternatives, such as herring, mussels and mackerel, which you can eat well-assured.

Guests who come to eat at one of the Vermaat Group’s restaurants will soon no longer have to think about whether their fish is sustainable or not. But it is not that far yet. This year, the Vermaat Group is working hard to achieve this goal, so that people can eat completely red-free at Christmas! 60 chefs from Vermaat are leading the way and signed the World Oceans Deal with Good Fish on June 8. They guarantee that from today onwards, they will only choose fish that is doing well.

Website: The Vermaat Group and Good Fish

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