Going out for dinner every day at restaurant ‘Mon Plat du Jour’


Who wouldn’t want to go out for dinner every single day? Unfortunately, that’s not affordable in the Netherlands without having a relatively high income. However there are still some concepts that make it possible to do just that; go out for dinner every day. Restaurant ‘Mon Plat du Jour’ is one of them!

The idea behind ‘Mon Plat du Jour’

At the restaurants of ‘Mon Plat du Jour’, which are located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague, it’s possible to eat traditional dishes from different countries for a fair price. For 3-course menu you will pay € 16,50 and you’re able to choose between two different main courses switching every day. On the menu are 2 desserts and a starter that changes weekly.

Owner and creator Paul Nitschmann lived in countries like Portugal and France for a while , here it’s normal to go out for dinner more regularly. Mainly because it’s less expensive. To make it possible for Dutch people to go out for dinner more often, he started restaurant ‘Mon Plat du Jour’.

The concept; new dishes on a regular bases and an adventurous menu, from French stews to Thai curries and Brazilian Moqueca or Portugese Bacalhau. The dishes often originate from far away countries. The dishes are the kind of dishes that the families in those countries often eat on Sunday, meals that take longer to prepare but are suitable for big groups. Because of the central kitchen of restaurant ‘Mon Plat du Jour’ where they work with the principle of cook & chill and the small choices on the menu, they’re able to keep the prices low. You can find more information over on www.monplatdujour.nl

Website: Mon Plat du Jour

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