Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s | NYC’s first 100% gnocchi restaurant


Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s is the first restaurant in NYC that is specialized in fresh homemade Gnocchi. It opened in 2016 and is created by Executive Chef Michele Iuliano, the man behind Luzzo’s La Pizza Napoletana, Ovest Pizzoteca & Da Mikele.

NYC’s first 100% gnocchi restaurant

Those who have the privilege to travel abroad to Italy, must have eaten some gnocchi! At least we love to eat it up in the mountains in the North of Italy. Especially in winter time a plate of gnocchi is real ‘comfort food’. The Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s is the latest venture from executive chef Michele Iuliano. Back in 2004 he opened his first restaurant Luzzo’s La Pizza Napoletana where he mastered the art of creating the perfect pizza dough. In 2010 he opened the Ovest Pizzoteca and a year later Da Mikele in Tribeca. Followed by the Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s in 2016, located at 234 East 4th Street. They also opened Via Trenta Pizzoteca in Chelsea NYC in 2016.

The Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s serves…

They serve 3 types of home cooked gnocchi, classic potato, spinach & viola (purple potato) and gnocchi stuffed with cheese or mushroom, which can be combined with 10 types of sauces like pesto Genovese, Boscaiola (with musrooms, sausage and cherry tomatoes), Salmone (with cream, salmon, shrimp and zucchini) and for example gnocchi Burro & Salvia (with butter and sage) or how about gnocchi Norma (with eggplant, tomato sauce, basil and ricotta). All gnocchi are made without eggs, so vegan friendly! They also serve antipasti, salads, and dolce.

Website: Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s

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