Glamtainer | Unique extendable shipping container


Glamtainer, a combination of glamorous and container, is a Dutch company that modifies 20 foot high-cube shipping containers into high luxury hotel rooms of 26m2, including a luxury bathroom, toilet, kitchenette, closets and a bed and lounge area. The bed can be fold up to the wall, and then offers an integrated dining table. The Glamtainer Skybox is designed from scratch and has got an official CSC Safety Approval. Meaning that it can be shipped all over the world, at any time. With the introduction of the Glamtainer Extendable, the company created an unique product which gets a lot of attention in the recreational and event sector but also in the care industry.

Glamtainer Extendable   

The company located in the Dutch town of Emmeloord introduces the unique 20 ft shipping container, which can be extended over the entire width so that the available living space is increased by 75%. Opening and closing the Glamtainer Skybox takes you 10 minutes, and can be done manually by one person. The shipping container will be delivered ‘ready for use’, by Glamtainer. Power, water supply and drainage, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living and sleeping area, finished floors, ceilings and walls are pre-mounted in the container. The part that gets “out of the box” is made out of double glazed windows and an insulated roof, all in a very strong watertight steel frame. At the destination, the side door will be extended over the entire width and the other entire glass walls which are hidden in the container can be slided outwards. Creating, within no time, a complete living space of 26m2. The only thing that remains to be done is to connect water, drain and electricity. The Glamtainer Extendable can be used as hotel room but also as ‘pop-up’ store or snack bar.

Jeroen van der Zwaard of Glamtainer: “The conversion of container to house is not exciting at all. The unique part of the Glamtainer Extendable is that a steel construction of approximately 7000 kg can be extended as a kind of matchbox. Due to this development, we are increasingly receiving questions whether we can deploy the extendable shipping container as luxury hotel room, tiny house, care home for elderly in the garden of their children, office, exhibition stand or pop-up store.”


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