Give your guests the choice of the cordial syrups by Agroposta



Great to serve this summer, a lemonade box with the sachets of Agroposta, like a tea box. 1 sachet + 200 ml of ice water = 1 glass of refreshing lemonade, add some mint leaves … and done!

The cordial syrups

Agroposta cordials are offered in small secure sachets and filled with 32 ml of concentrated syrup with the following flavors:

Refreshing Lemon – created from the lemons grown and handpicked in the Croatian Islands of the Mediterranean.

Sage – a mild, subtle and distinct flavour. It’s made from handpicked sage flowers from the Adriatic coast.

Elderflower – The elderflower lemonade tastes just sweet enough. The aromatic elderberry blossoms is also picked by hand.

Raspberry – this lemonade tastes sweet with a subtle sour undertone. The raspberries are also handpicked in the many forests and mountains in the Balkan region.

Lavender (natural tranquilizer) – The lavender syrup is not too sweet and slightly different. The syrup is made from the ecologically cultivated Lavandula angustifolia plant that is also handpicked.

About Agroposta

Agroposta is a Croatian company founded in 2004 and with a lot of experience in organic farming. The company started in 2011 with the production of the cordials. Agroposta has its own factory in Zagreb, completely designed according to EU standards in terms of food and provisions. The requirements of HACCP are also strictly maintained. Agroposta stands for sustainability, love for the environment and fair trade in all processes and in all products.

Website: Agroposta 

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